About Us

We’re Bright World, Strategic LG Partner

Bright World has extensive experience and knowledge of the commercial laundry business, an understanding of the markets, your customers and your needs.
With more than 40 partners across Europe in our extensive reseller network, we made sure that you have good local support from our partners in your country.

Best Buy LG laundry products Affordable and innovative design with efficiency and performance in mind.
Fast delivery time Secured distribution hub in Zagreb for developing distribution network in Central & Eastern Europe.
Quick response and online ordering Interactive communication using modern technologies.
Large stock of equipment & spare parts Optimized supply chain through the regional hub where the stock of equipment and spare parts are stored.
Well Organized Local Support With more than 40 partners across Europe we made sure that you have good local support in your country.

The team

Our company is an organized team, educated, flexible, and highly motivated, with longtime experience in the professional laundry business able to meet the requirements of all kinds of customers for every issue from sales to technical support.

16 years in business
40 European Partners in Central and East Europe markets
1000+ customers
Reliable and professional team

The Best LG Partner (2018)

Our partner LG Electronics honoured us with the global awards two years in a row:

  • Best Partner (2018)
  • Outstanding Growth Performance (2019)