LG Commercial Washing Machines

If your business needs require you to wash large quantities of laundry regularly, professional (commercial) washing machines are the right choice. Commercial washing machines are designed to save money, time, electricity, water, and detergent in the long run, as well as to extend the life of the laundry with its quality washing.

Highlighted benefits

Inverter Direct Drive™

Excellent Durability & Reliability

Unlike the traditional belt and pulley, the drum is directly attached to the motor providing superior durability and reliability. Thanks to fewer parts, these machines need fewer repairs.

20 Adjusted Programs

Customised To Your Needs

You can design your own cycles, selecting washing time, rinse time, water level, etc. and set up up to 20 programs to provide optimised washing performance.

Tilted Drum

Water Saving Efficiency

Stainless steel drum is tilted by 10° which enables the washing machine to soak the laundry better. This solution makes it possible to use less water without sacrificing superior washing performance.

Hygiene Care System

Sanitise Your Laundry With Each Load

The Hygiene Care system ensures that your washer and laundry is clean before, during and after each load. Sanitise your laundry and make washer maintenance easy.

Compare LG professional washing machines

LG Giant C Max LG Titan C MAX
Capacity (kg) 10,2 kg 15 kg
Max drum capacity (kg) 13 kg 18 kg
Drum volume (lit.) 103 lit. 147 lit.
Electric ratings 220V/ 50Hz 220V/ 50Hz
Extract (high speed) rpm 1200 RPM 1000 RPM
G-force 451 342
Drain system Pump Pump
Net weight 87 kg 101 kg
Product dimensions (HxWxD) 686 x 767 x 983 mm 737 x 814 x 1036 mm
Heating power 3,6 kW 3,8 kW
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