LG Giant C PRO

2 Years WarrantyService and Spare Parts provided

Capacity: 10 kg
Drum volume: 206,7 l
Fast drying cycles: cotton in 50 minutes
Connection to the single-phase electricity: 220-240V
Effortless loading: large door, 54cm
Compatible load: with LG Giant C Max washer

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Large drum capacity

Drum suitable for drying large objects (quilts, blankets). The drum volume is twice as large as the compatible LG commercial washing machine (10kg) so the entire filling can be dried at once.

Hygiene Care System

Removes 99.9% of the germs on fabrics and clothing when running the High-temperature Cycle for drying.


Sense Dry

The temperature and moisture sensor automatically checks the temperature and humidity of the laundry and adjusts the drying length.

Flow Sensing

The LED of Flow Sense flashes when the duct is blocked by lint. If the LED flashes, the manager can know the necessity to check and clean the duct.


Flexible Installation

LG professional tumble dryers have the option of being mounted on a washing machine or tumble dryer. When products are stacked in blocks, they can adapt to fit into your space—not the other way around.

AdaptAble™ controls

Easy-to-reach controls let you save space without compromising capacity. The controls are always within reach and are versatile enough to meet user needs.

Adaptive door

Depending on your shop's set-up or your personal preference, the owner can make the best use of space by easily changing the door orientation to open to the left or right.

Smart Solution

Laundry Lounge Management Web

Control remotely by streamlining maintenance and detecting errors. Monitor the performance and adjust the settings on your entire fleet, individual locations or even a specific machine. (Might not be available in certain countries)

Laundry Lounge User App

Users can check the location's availability directly to their smartphone and even set an alarm that will alert them before the cycle ends. (Might not be available in certain countries)

Technical specs

LG Giant C PRO

Capacity (kg) 10,2 kg
Drum volume (lit.) 206,7 l
Electric ratings 220V/ 50Hz
Heating type electric
Heating power 5,4 kW
Type of drying ventilation
Stackable yes
Coin-operated optional


This professional tumble dryer is ideal for facilities that need regular drying of large quantities of laundry.

In - house laundry


Retirement homes


Health institution

Sports clubs

Fire departments

Facility Management

Commercial laundries


Self-service laundromats

Apartment buildings

Student dormitories


Nautical marinas

Residences for workers

Mobile laundries

Laundry corners in hotels

Success story

“LG Giant dryer is a great choice for resorts! The drum volume is twice as large as the compatible LG Giant washing machine, so we can have the entire filling dried at once. Since we dry large amounts of laundry every day, this is very beneficial for us!”

David Snook  Owner of Zarka villas resort, Evia, Greece

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