LG Licensed Laundromat

Premium self-service laundromat concept that is equipped with advanced laundry devices and provides all the necessary solutions for a successful opening, making it the easiest business to start.

Premium branded laundry design - exclusive brand and identity
Extensive support and best practices - from choosing a suitable location and optimal equipment to marketing and sales support
Tested and proven business model - avoid all beginner’s mistakes

Simple and profitable

LG Smart Laundry Lounge is the easiest business to start. With our well-recognized premium design concept, your laundromat is ready to start immediately. From the colour of the walls, all the way to the best laundry machines and stunning marketing solutions.

LG premium laundromat is a simple and profitable investment – opening and running require a low initial investment and a minimum labour force. Also, fixed costs are limited. On the other hand, services like this are always required – allowing you to have a faster return on investment.

Licensed laundromat concept

More flexible business model most similar to a franchise. As in a franchise, you will get a famous brand identity along with proven and tested practices that will lower business risk.

The advantage of this model is that you don’t pay an entry fee or royalties which will speed up the return on investment. Also, as an owner of your business, you have more control over decisions that are not linked to the trademark and stated rules and limitations on the use of the brand.

You will get almost all the benefits of a franchise, without its disadvantages.


Proven business model
A premium branded laundry design
Modern and reliable professional laundry equipment
Extensive support in your project
No need for training or experience
No entry fees or royalties to pay
No staff needed
Cash business
Limited investment

“I recommend LG professional devices to everyone because of their top quality and the job they do perfectly.”

Mrs. Jelena  Owner of LG Licensed Laundromat, Montenegro

New generation of innovative and efficient laundry equipment

Add-ons and accessories

Ozone generator

Disinfect laundry and machine with every cycle. Great for self-service laundromats where you can’t control the hygiene of each customer.

Detergent pumps

Control the amount of your detergents in every cycle. No more spilling, over-, or underdosing.

Payment systems

Charge usage of machines without employees.

Visual identity

The visual identity of the LG Smart Laundry Lounge is strictly defined. The logo, name, colours, and design of the shop are protected by the provider. As part of the license, LG’s book of standards is also provided.
You will get ready-to-print files (posters, instructions for use, and other materials) required by the LG’s book of standards.

3D Visualisation

Interested in how your laundrette will look and feel? After you send photos and measurements of your space, our expert team will design for you the perfect installation to get the most out of your space regarding convenience and performance. You will get a 3D view of your laundromat adapted for your space with all key interior elements.

Support and best practices

Extensive support to help you with every step of opening your own laundromat. Our team of experts will guide you in choosing the optimal location, selecting the best equipment for your space, and provide assistance with installation and maintenance of machines. We understand that opening a new business can be daunting, but with our proven business model and best practices, we will provide you with all the necessary tools to ensure your success. With our support, you can rest assured that your Smart Laundry Lounge will be up and running in no time.

Want to create your own unique laundromat story?

Create unique laundromat brand that reflects your values and style with complete control over your business. Choose design that fit best to your vision and combine it with LG professional equipment and accessories.