Detergent pumps BW HYB 3P

BW detergent pumps automatically and precisely dose liquid detergents with each washing cycle.

2 Years WarrantyService and Spare Parts provided

Automatic dosing kit with 3 pumps
Quick and easy installation
Dosage time adjustment: 1s to 20


Full technical specs list


Uniquely designed for LG’s Giant-C and Titan C washers

Precise dosing
BW detergent pumps automatically and precisely dose liquid detergents with each washing cycle.

No more mess
Prevents errors during manual dosings, such as too much detergent or spilling it, and ensures better washing effects. Cost savings are also achieved due to the uniform consumption of detergents.

Fast & efficient
This dosing kit is 7 times stronger than traditional pumps with a very short dosing time.

Easy installation
Quick and easy mounting on the back of the washing machine. They don't take up extra space.

Simple control
Easy programming directly on the washing machine without a complicated interface.

Service and maintenance
Long service life and reduced maintenance thanks to improved design.

technical specs

Detergent pumps BW HYB 3P

Device type Automatic dosing kit
Model BW HYB-3P
Operation mode Automatic dosing kit with 3 pumps for pre-wash detergent, main wash detergent and fabric softener
Types of devices to which it can be connected LG Professional washing machines Giant-C and Titan-C series
Dosage time adjustment From 1s to 20s
Flow depending on the viscosity of liquids 28 ml/s to 38ml/s
Mounting type On the back of the Giant-C or Titan-C
Power supply 220V/50Hz, 30W/0,03kW
Interface on the back of the washer
Noise levels ≤55dB
Device dimensions (WxDxH) 460x90x100mm
Device packaging dimensions (WxDxH) 580x160x220mm
Net weight 2,2kg
Gross weight 3,3kg


In - house laundry


Retirement homes


Health institution

Sports clubs

Fire departments

Facility Management

Commercial laundries


Self-service laundromats

Apartment buildings

Student dormitories


Nautical marinas

Residences for workers

Mobile laundries

Laundry corners in hotels

Success story

“BW dosing pumps are also great! Thanks to them we don’t have to dose the detergents manually and there is no spilling. It’s great that everything is automated and they do all the work!”

Mrs. Weronika  Owner of Gordon Hill apartments rental

Add-ons and Accessories

Ozone generator

Disinfect laundry and machine with every cycle. Great for self-service laundromats where you can’t control the hygiene of each customer.