Ozone Generator BW O3

An ozone generator is a device that connects to a professional washing machine, mixes ozone with water and acts on viruses and bacteria in the process of laundry washing.

2 Years WarrantyService and Spare Parts provided

Converts cold water into an ecological disinfectant
Removes all unpleasant odours
Savings with every wash cycle
Laundry softness without fabric softener
Removes detergent residues from clothes (allergy-friendly)

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Powerful but delicate
Ozone-enriched water disinfects, eliminates bacteria, neutralizes viruses and removes odours, even in a cold water washing program. All this makes it suitable for disinfecting sensitive laundry.

As an eco-friendly disinfectant, it kills microbes more effectively than chlorine. Since it decomposes into ordinary oxygen, there is no unwanted residue on the clothes and inside of the washing machine. In that process, it also leaves the washing machine disinfected for the next user.

Fragrant & Soft

Ozone-enriched water removes all unpleasant odours, even strong ones like mold or smoke or intense body odours. It leaves laundry smelling fresh and clean.

Softer fabrics
Ozone enters into the structure of the fabric and makes it soft while reducing static electricity, which results in softer, richer bedding without the need for fabric softener.

Allergy-friendly and colourful
Ozonated water removes detergent residues from clothes which is great value to sensitive and allergy-prone skin. That also prevents greying of the fabrics caused by build-up of detergents and soiling, leaving your colours intact.


Lower running costs
Using an ozone generator in each cycle can significantly lower running costs. If you are disinfecting with ozonated water, you don’t have to use long cycles and high temperatures for thermal disinfection, thus saving time, electricity, and water.

No extra chemicals
The need to use disinfectants in the form of strong chemicals and softeners has been eliminated, thus reducing the cost of consumables.

Technical Specs

Ozone Generator BW O3

Ozone concentration from 0,5 to 1 mg/l
Electric ratings (V) 220-240 V
Net dimensions (WxDxH) 480x80x240 mm
Gross dimension of package (WxDxH) 530x153x318 mm
Net weight 3 kg
Gross weight 4,55 kg
Package contains BWO3 ozone generator, Wall mount, Mounting screws and dry-wall anchors, Power adapter, Water hose


In - house laundry


Retirement homes


Health institution

Sports clubs

Fire departments

Facility Management

Commercial laundries


Self-service laundromats

Apartment buildings

Student dormitories


Nautical marinas

Residences for workers

Mobile laundries

Laundry corners in hotels

Success story

“Scent and softness have never been better. And this was noticed by the guests in our client’s accommodation.”

Mrs. Valentina  Owner of Koltrina service laundromat

Add-ons and accessories

Detergent pumps

Control the amount of your detergents in every cycle. No more spilling, over-, or underdosing.