Commercial laundry

Smart choice for those looking to enter the laundry business.

Low startup costs - you only need space and laundry equipment
Cost-effective business model - run the business with minimal staff and lower overhead costs.
Constant demand - The perfect set-up for driving profit and a stable source of income.

Which LG products can go into your commercial laundry setup?

Suitable for a wide range of businesses

LG’s range of products includes various sizes and capacities to cater to the specific needs and offer significant cost savings, improved quality control, and convenience for wide range of businesses.

Self-service laundromats
Apartment buildings
Student dormitories
Nautical marinas
Residences for workers
Mobile laundries
Laundry corners in hotels

“Today, a self-service laundry is a necessary need for every camp. Of course, it is an additional source of income, but above all – a standard for every quality, modern campsite!”

Denis Maras  Head of the campsite’s technical service

Highlights of Benefits

Excellent Durability & Reliability

Sturdy machines that are built strong to last long, meaning less repairs and more profits.

Low Noise, Less Vibration

Optimised performance through an advanced algorithm, which allows for on-time cycle completion.

Space saving

The small cabinet size with bigger washing capacity and stackable design allows more customers and more machines in limited space.

Hygiene Care System

The Hygiene Cycle System ensures your washers are clean before, during, and after each wash.

Smart Control

Connects businesses and machines with business owners and customers.

Qualified Energy Star

Reduces energy and water consumption while increasing efficiency. According to Energy Star standards, LG Commercial Laundry machines save more energy and water than other products in their category.

See it in action

Add-ons and accessories

Ozone generator

Disinfect laundry and machine with every cycle. Great for self-service laundromats where you can’t control the hygiene of each customer.

Detergent pumps

Control the amount of your detergents in every cycle. No more spilling, over-, or underdosing.