LG Commercial laundry helps kindergarten process laundry quickly and effectively

Segment: In-house laundry
Business type: Kindergarten
Year: 2021

About IBM Kindergarten

A kindergarten is the first step on the big journey that begins with small steps. To make sure this adventure goes nicely and carefree for the little ones, it’s necessary to ensure the best conditions possible. Ensuring these conditions go on ”behind the scenes” so they are often taken for granted. And among the most important elements in this process are the laundries.

Among them is the „IBM Kindergarten“. The kindergarten consists of 9 districts and the laundry brings all laundry under the one roof.

“This is a large facility and we use the equipment a lot. Every day we wash 3 to 4 rounds of dirty laundry.”

M. M.Head of administrative service

M. M.

Challenges: Process laundry quickly and effectively

When we talked with them about their needs, they said that processing laundry quickly and effectively is their number one priority.

„This is a large facility and we use the equipment a lot. Every day we wash 3 to 4 rounds of dirty laundry“ they say.

There’s the linen, tablecloths, dish towels and other kitchen cloths, mops, pillows, toys, baby bibs, baby cloth wipes, spare children’s clothes, and sports shirts,…
All these items are the potential breeding ground for different bacteria and viruses. And when it comes to childcare facilities, hygiene standards must be the highest.

Regarding the fact that kindergarten has a limited annual budget that needs to be balanced well to satisfy every segment, the financial aspect is crucial here. „The factor that was probably the most important in our decision-making process was the price.“ they confirm.

Solution: special equipment for kindergartens

Our solutions with professional washers and dryers include the top hygiene and antiallergy programs. So, while talking with our client we detected this kindergarten’s needs and offered the following package.

Delivered products:

Delivered services:

  • Education
  • 3D modeling
  • Budgeting and financing consulting

This combination has shown to be the perfect solution for their daily challenges. The professional product line is designed for big capacities and daily usage. This way, they’ve escaped problems with malfunctions and maintenance, that can occur with the usage of household products for these purposes.

Results: Simple and affordable products

“We're more than satisfied with the equipment and would definitely recommend it for every kindergarten.”

Marija M.Head of administrative service

Marija M.

The adjustment process has been very quick for laundry employees since the equipment has an intuitive display and is very easy to use. Also, they were able to continue using their favourite detergents. And, most importantly, they could wash more laundry at once than before.

„We’re more than satisfied with the equipment and would definitely recommend it for every kindergarten.“ they say.

Other advantages of LG Professional washers and dryers are their ergonomics and practicality. They can be installed on existing installations in existing laundries or some other space that was previously not intended to be the laundry. The equipment is monophase and it takes up only 1m2 space if they are placed in columns (on top of one another).

Always available support

The kindergarten is very happy that our aftersales service is always available for every question they have and our technician is always there for regular technical maintenance.